Bits of Tumblr brilliance I want to highlight. Poetry and prose that amuses me, or rattles my cages.

- Savage Henry Lee, of
Constant Whereabouts


Paradoxical aversions
Put off conversation
From privileged look-a-likes
Reciting written attempts
On undiscovered projects
Inevitably a day under way

Adding new hues of red
Between cherry blossom trees
Caught on traffic stop signs
Readable for reasonable
Obscenities inbred reactions

Bold with a hold on doldrums
Insignificant buy outs sold
Thrown up knockings upon
Crumbling egos strewn
Alien thoughts threatening

Frightened eye processors held
Up by unpredictable lies suggesting
Convictions of quiet presence
As anti-riotous reactions sampled
The best of reasonable seasons

Enabling proactive answers
Unsettled ignorant dreams
Fixed around bad hair days
On street cornered dares
Diverting stares as the sun sets


The Fear of Loneliness


His favorite color was blue. Her favorite color was red. His favorite color was red.


Watching the Detectives
The famous woman playing the hero detective inspects the donuts  set out by catering
The up and coming actor  playing the serial killerstudies her and licks jelly off his knuckles
Our hero settles on chocolate glazed, lifts it to hergleaming red mouthcatching the eyes of the killer
They simultaneously reach for fake guns (that aren’t there)  shooting with sticky fingersand cute cute winks
nothing crazy at all


i made up this thing
where i pretended it was you
it was really cool
because i could check in on you
and pretend we were commune
meanwhile i sleuthed it out
behind your back
and found out it wasn’t
really you after all
pretending to be a creep
but it was really some other creep
just being creepy
so i had no reason to keep
checking in with him
so i quit
and now i miss you
and i really wish
i just didn’t
that’s all

Broken reins


There’s so much I wanted to ask you
so much I wanted to share
I hesitate
I stop myself
scared of myself
cause I know myself
I know how it gets deep
I care
but I don’t dare

Answer me this question though
“Why is a raven like a writing desk?”


Let’s Talk Honestly about an Orchestra or a Cup
January 29
Let’s talk honestly about the circus grounds and the dusty floor. I was waiting in a taxicab but you slowed to a halt, you became a whole epic dictated by the Muse! I anticipated your stomach and the last single-digit temperature day of the year, so I rode my bike, more fragrant than the stale microwave odors I smell everyday even though you will be destroyed. Worse, the illusion of snow  in a long-sleeve dark pink dress is conceding everything, leaving us with nothing but a lethal spelling book. White letters in white paints, like two does walking carefully across the farm. In the haze of noon California is no longer the promised land. I am shoveling it into my mouth.  I am one of those who want to buy office furniture. I am what the words didn’t say, as beautiful as an orchestra or a cup.
seed text: Collected Poems, by Kenneth Koch art by Leo & Pipo
Road Trip


I drove
on abandoned streets and lonely highways,
to get away from my open cage.
With the radio blasting and the wind in my hair,
I knew freedom like never before
and listening to my own voice echo for once,
I felt real.
I’d never known control and responsibility before.
Caught in a shell,
I’d been dangling of the ends for too long. 
With keys in the ignition
and the acceleration in my heart,
I drove off,
into my perfect sunset. 


A kiss worth its taste


She’s too tough for hallmark’s corruption,

too cool for an easy rhyme.

If I were to bring her flowers,

I’d have to buy a package of

Reese’s cups, and a bag

of licorice to construct

a bloom worth savoring.

She craves the originality

of a still dreaming…


default to the operator
reroute through switches
work-orders out through dispatch
magic belts and weary women and men
radio frequency magical
musical notes across millions of miles
cables beneath the sea
your data reaches me
so deeply

(via thewordsailor)

Holy Humbug


My family calls

me Scrooge

for this holiday

makes me ill,

aside from the 

pretty lights

and Jack Skellington

who provides my thrill.

I would still

like to wish 

you a merry one

replete with blessings

and cheer,

and may we

continue this quest

to spread the love

amidst the

tinsel and beer.

Merry Christmas/Eve, my lovelies.  Muah!

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